Buying a used car – practical advice

As buying a new car from the showroom involves the need to spend a considerable amount of money and not everyone can afford it, used cars are much more popular. Unfortunately, there are pitfalls to buy a used car. After all, no one will sell us a vehicle in perfect condition at a great price, which should be borne in mind and not be fooled by the beautiful exterior or tempting-looking photos on the Internet. The sellers make every effort to present the subject of sale in the best possible way and encourage you to buy it. There are also people who use not entirely fair practices. How then to buy a used car and not regret it?

Check the car without leaving your home before you inspect it

If we are interested in a specific offer with a car for sale, it is worth checking a few important issues first and this does not only apply to carefully reading the content of the advertisement posted by the seller. A used car should be verified by VIN and it can be done via the website. Thanks to this, we gain information about the history of the vehicle, its equipment and information about theft. It is also worth checking the dealer number on Google – if you enter more offers with cars for sale, this person is a professional dealer. Before deciding to view the vehicle, it is worthwhile to first determine the typical faults of a given car model by phone. During the conversation with the seller, it is recommended to ask how many owners the vehicle has, where it comes from and what its history is, whether it has summer and winter tires, whether it is possible to have a test drive and check the car at any service point. It is also recommended to inquire about the registration number and date of the first registration of the car and the reason for selling it. You can also check the history of the car in CEPiK without leaving your home.

What matters when viewing a used car for sale?

When it comes to the visual inspection of the used car, first of all, pay attention to its technical condition. You should not show the seller that you want to buy it, thanks to which it will be possible to negotiate a lower price later. The car should always be viewed during the day and outside. It is also necessary to ask who is the rightful owner of the vehicle. The next step is to check the windows, which should be of the same year and manufacturer. Attention should also be paid to the thickness of the paintwork and the edges of the doors, trunk, fenders and pillars. It is necessary to check the entire equipment of the car before the test drive and the consumption of materials inside. During the test drive, we listen to any disturbing sounds from the engine and suspension, and pay attention to the lights and messages on the dashboard. It is also best to check the car on the site.

After making the decision to buy a car, you should check the VIN number, the validity of the policy and inspection, the number of keys, additional entries in the proof and completeness of the documents. It is also worth negotiating the price of the car. It is also necessary to verify the original documents and read the purchase contract carefully before signing it.

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