Active recreation in the mountains

When going to the mountains, it is worth realizing that the climate is unique there, and the areas are completely different than in central or northern Poland. The mountain surroundings can provide a great holiday, but only a properly prepared for this people a trip to the mountains will ensure a positive time. If the luggage does not contain the things necessary for the trip, the trip may turn out to be a completely wrong idea.

What trail to follow?

Suitable for a specific person. If a tourist does not walk in the mountains regularly, and in addition leads a sedentary lifestyle, then going on a very demanding route may prove to be too difficult for him. The body cannot withstand too much overload, even if the person is exceptionally well equipped with all the necessary things recommended during the tour. Strength against intentions must be measured.

Weather and time

After choosing the route, check how long it takes to walk – too long, despite the straight path, can break many tourists. Another important thing is to check the weather for the planned day – if heavy rain or snowfall, fog or gusty winds are forecast, it is better to postpone the trip to another day. However, if the weather is right, it is worth setting the alarm clock as early as possible and taking appropriate supplies with you, go on a tour, avoiding the crowds and too high temperatures, if the trip takes place in the summer.

Clothes and backpack contents

Clothing during the trip should not restrict movement and preferably allow the skin to breathe. Comfortable, suitable mountain shoes are the basis – going on a mountain route in sneakers or flip-flops is a mistake. The backpack should include a thin raincoat, a warm fleece, a 1.5 liter bottle of water, a sweet snack, sandwiches, apples, bananas – these are things that will definitely give you energy and motivate you to continue your journey.

In addition, you should bring a compass, a paper map with the route, telephone, flashlight, bandages, plasters, scissors and a hat. It is worth having crampons with you, which will ensure safe passage through the snow-covered sections of the road on winter days.

What to remember?

About informing someone about the purpose of the expedition so that it is known where to look for the missing person. It is worth remembering about breaks and rest in the places marked on the way. About drinking water regularly on the way, and about getting help if needed. It is worth remembering that the phone is a device that can break down. So installing a flashlight function in it is definitely a worse idea than taking the appropriate device with you.

What to forget?

About taking alcohol with you – Drinking alcohol on a mountain trail is an extremely irresponsible behavior. You can only fall down and kill yourself once. You shouldn’t take photos in dangerous places either – the temptation to take photos with your phone is huge these days, and the lack of imagination is even greater. It is worth considering whether capturing your face at the top of a dangerous route will be a good memento or evidence of extraordinary stupidity.

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