We are going on vacation with a camper. What to remember?

Traveling in a motorhome is also becoming more and more popular in Poland. No wonder. Because we have both transport and accommodation provided, and thus reduce the risk of not finding a base to sleep in a given place. Today’s article is devoted to the issues of traveling by motorhome and how to prepare for such a vacation.

 Advantages of a motorhome

 At the beginning, let’s start by indicating the most important advantages of a motorhome. It is a vehicle equipped with a large, integrated accommodation and social cabin. So we find there places to sleep, a small bathroom with a shower and toilet, a place for preparing and eating meals, as well as a wardrobe for storing luggage. A motorhome is a kind of house on wheels that we can take with us anywhere. So we can travel with the whole family, even on long routes, without worrying about accommodation, which we have guaranteed in the motorhome. A motorhome equipped with a kitchen allows us to prepare warm meals, thanks to which we do not have to be addicted to dining in bars or restaurants, because we can prepare our own food.

How to pack your luggage for a motorhome trip

First of all, before leaving, you should carefully plan what you will take with you. It will, of course, depend on the number of days we want to spend on the trip. First, we pack the necessary clothing and footwear. However, we do not have to take our entire wardrobe with us, because we can do laundry while traveling. It is important to be prepared for various weather conditions, both for heat and sun, and cooler, rainy days. So let’s not forget about a warmer sweater or sweatshirt and a raincoat. We do not have to pack garments into suitcases. All you have to do is put them in bags or cardboard and unpack them directly into the wardrobe inside the cabin.

 Next, let’s pack the necessary kitchen utensils and accessories. Each traveler should have his own set of plates, cutlery and a mug. You will need a frying pan and at least two pots of different sizes. Depending on what kind of meals we plan to eat, let’s take a set of knives, bowls and 2 cutting boards with us.

Cosmetics and cleaning products

 Now it’s time to pack your cosmetics. Just take a large, universal shower gel for the whole family, shampoo, toothpaste and a few other cosmetics depending on the individual needs of travelers. However, remember to take cleaning agents with you, such as toilet fluid, cleaning milk, washing-up liquid, paper towels and cloths.

 Food and drinks

The motorhome has the advantage that we can pack quite a lot of luggage in it. So we can successfully take a few packages of rice, groats and pasta or even potatoes. We can also take a large portion of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as products that require refrigeration, as campers are also equipped with a refrigerator.

Traveling in a motorhome is great fun and a lot of unforgettable impressions. Although renting such a vehicle for one day costs from 250 to even 600 PLN, it is certainly an investment that will pay off when traveling with the whole family. If we temporarily lack the funds to plan holidays in a motorhome, a quick loan may be helpful, thanks to which we will rent a vehicle and treat our loved ones to a wonderful summer adventure.

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